Friday, 8 March 2013

A Great Way to End the Week!!!!

This afternoon I received an email from Jack's teacher entitled "today".  I have received many such emails by this point in the year, similarly titled.  The body usually contains "Jack fell asleep twice", "Jack refused to...." or "Jack broke....".  So ok, my heart sank just a little.  Imagine my surprise and delight when this is what it said:

We had a celebration in our reading group today because Jack wrote the words "do" and "this"  completely by himself on a white board with a dry erase marker!!!! Whooohooo! :))))

Well halleluiah!!!  Not only is it not bad news, it's really great news!  Today marks one week since I started doing "alternative homework" with Jack on the IPAD, which is all fine motor work for about 30 minutes a night.  It's a bit easier to write on the ipad (you don't have to press down as hard) and it sure gives you a heck of a lot of encouragement in the form of cheers, confetti, funny scenes to watch, etc.  I don' think this little success story is a coincidence.  And it's such a testament to what a great teacher he has- how encouraging she is. 

So how does one celebrate with two gluten and dairy free children?  Chick Fil-A of course!  And thrill of thrills we went "in" the restaurant, something Jack is always begging for and mommy almost never does.  Just a heads up for any other mommies that have their hands full.  If you go pretty early the cashier will come to your table if you are by yourself with little kids, take your order like at a sit down restaurant and bring the food out.  At least at the one we went to tonight.  Nice!!  The boys had a blast in the little play area.  Nate really just ran laps and laughed, but he was really happy.  Jack was playing well with the other kids, which was really nice to see...

Here's hoping the trend continues all weekend!  

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