Monday, 18 March 2013

The Benefits of Being Sick

Haven't posted about what's going on with us in awhile.  Long story short= SICK.  Various types, various family members, various days.  Daddy first got a man cold.  Then Natey and mommy got it on Friday.  And it was a miserable one- fever included even for the grown ups.  Nate holds onto this stuff forever too, blah.

Yesterday I was going stir crazy.  Because while everyone else leaves the house daily for work, or kid activities, or school, I never ever leave.  And it can get a bit....claustrophobic.  On the weekends I try to be out with the boys quite a bit, I just need to see other humans.  So Jack and I headed across the bridge to visit Grammy and Granddad.  Jack had a rough night Saturday night, had been up on Sunday since about 4am (um, me too) and so I wasn't THAT surprised when he passed out in the car.

I was, however, surprised when I carried him into their house and he walked over to their couch, curled up and fell back asleep....and stayed that way.  For almost 3 hours.  My mom and I went shopping, came back, and he was still conked.  It took 3 tries to get him to wake up.  I just kept looking at him thinking, what's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong.  This kid never gets sick, like, never.

We went home and he told me his tummy hurt.  OK, well we're used to tummy issues so I told him to go to the bathroom.  And he did, and he said he felt better.  But he wasn't asking for food every 3 minutes, which is his typical MO.  I was a bit worried.  Then, after his bath, he was wiggling his front tooth, went into the bathroom to look in the mirror, and came out, without the tooth.  Where is it, we asked.  Dunno he responds.  We couldn't find it anywhere.  Here is our little toothless wonder

So after all of this, I can't even say I was surprised when I hear "mommy, help!!!!" at about 11pm last night.  I went in to check on him and found basically everything he had eaten all day all over the room.  Poor boy!!!!!  It's times like these when my husband is very grateful to have me, the former oncology nurse, for a wife, I know.  What he doesn't quite get is that I used to gag all the time at my job, I just hid it well, and called for housekeeping if it was really bad.  Well this was REALLY BAD.  Ummm.....housekeeping?  The steam mop can't save me now!  Oh well, I have certainly seen worse.  On the plus side....I found his tooth? 

Why did I call this post "the benefits of being sick"?  After this little story?

Like I said, Jack is very rarely sick.  He almost never slows down.  And the boy is FAST.  So I have to be honest, I just love it when he does slow down.  And snuggle with me.  And listen to me.  And talk to me.  Like, full conversations.  Without twenty prompts.  I hate him being sick, but I love love love this.  It's kind of how I imagine it would be without the ADHD like symptoms he so often exhibits.  I had to work today, have taken too many sick days lately, and he was so stinking cooperative.  At one point, I had a conversation with the medical director while he had his head lying in my lap.  And he didn't interrupt.  Well holy crap!  That never happens.  I know most kids interrupt, but recall my stories of locking myself in my office and turning on the dryer to drown out the noise of him screaming continuously?  Yeah, this was a really really nice change.  I got my full day of work in.  It was challenging, I'm not gonna lie, especially when Nate came home, but I did it!  I do really hope he feels better in the morning (he conked out at 6pm tonight- NEVER happens), even though my coworker reminded me this morning what comes after this peaceful sick period----- the roaring return of kiditude.  Ish

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