Sunday, 3 March 2013

Steam Mop Madness

I think I am scaring my husband.  Seriously.  I have mopped the whole downstairs twice this weekend- with a big smile.  This is why

I am in LOVE!!!!!  I have never been a woman who got excited about an appliance (except my dyson), but this is AMAZING!!!  I told my mother in law that I might just love it more than my children.  Kidding, but still.  We have two kids with fine and gross motor issues (aka they spill A LOT), a labrador and all hard wood and tile floors.  The boys have sippy cups that leak all the time.  I allow this because the cups almost always have supplements in them and it's more important that they ingest them than me having clean floors.  However, it has been driving me crazy.  Mopping was not helping, scrubbing on my hands and knees wasn't helping.  I would finish, wait for the floor to dry, try to walk across it and inevitably feel a sticky spot.  I came close to throwing the mop across the floor.  The Swiffer was even worse- completely useless.  A couple of my coworkers were talking about their steam mops, and even though one of them was a bit disappointed with hers, I was feeling desperate.  So I pulled up Dr. Amazon.  I got the mop on last Monday and have done the entire downstairs about 3 times in the last week.  All times added up probably took less than an hour.  And my floors look awesome!   You just dump water in the little tank, turn it on, wait 30 seconds for it to heat up and basically use it like a vacuum.  It sanitizes the floors with steam.  This particular one has a tank for cleaner as well, but I only used that the first time.  However if you do use it, you can control the amount of cleaner it releases- floors are never soap sticky either.  The mop pads can be thrown in the washing machine.

My life is busy and stressful.  It is amazing what something as simple as clean floors can do for the psyche!!!  Anyway, completely off topic but very worth sharing- anyone who mops go get one!  Seriously

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  1. I've been considering purchasing a steam mop for awhile, but wondered if they were worth the trouble. My older kids help with the chores, but I never let them mop (my son thinks he's a Jedi, and the bucket will inevitably spill). Thanks for the review.