Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Doubly Blessed

How do you choose?  Which event is more precious?  The beautiful new words coming from the mouth of your three year old?  Or the expression of unbridled joy on your husband's face when he hears it?

I have mentioned in the past that John and I had each "chosen" words that we set as goals for Nate.  Mine was "cup" which we were fortunate enough to hear quite awhile ago.  For John, it was simple- "night night".  We have been working on this seriously since Nate was about 16 months old.  We read more good night stories than the average parents because Nathan loves books with stars.  We practice with him, we role play saying night night to each other in front of Nate.  Sure there have been periods where our constant encouragement has lapsed, but really we have been trying for THAT LONG.

When you love someone the way a wife loves her husband, it is heartbreaking to see that LOOK, night after night.  That desperate desire to hear your son tell you night night.  Every time we start the routine I actually feel my heartbeat speed up a bit....please say it Natey!!!!  I have wanted John to have that for such a long time.  Of course the words are meaningful to me as well, but I know John's frustration more than anyone else does.  Just simple words....that's all he's praying for, right?

So when Nate, behind his thumb, whispered "nigh, night" this evening, I cannot even begin to describe to you the look on John's face.  And the feelings of relief and joy that I had.  Not because he said new words (although I was thrilled) but because John was able to experience that feeling of Nate achieving a goal, of knowing that Nate has gained something- because of him.  He said it to him one more time before John walked over to say goodnight to Jack.  And one more time to me. 

I know you can't read this Natey, but thank you so much for giving that to your daddy.  You just made his year.

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