Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A New Best Buddy....

We have a new best friend in our house.  And by in our house I mean in Mr. Jack's life.  And it is just about the sweetest thing.  Ever.  I have mentioned that he recently has taken an interest in horses- he loves the Black Stallion movie and Black Beauty.  He has a horse book that I bought him and he looks at it all the time.
Anyway, about a month ago, we went to buy a birthday present for a little friend at the Disney Store and Jack saw the stuffed horse "Angus" from the movie Brave.  He had to have it.  I am a sucker for anything that is not an airplane, shark, robot, you get the idea, so I caved.  I figured it was something he would play with for a few days and lose interest in. 

Instead, I am watching Jack claim his first true "wubby".  It's a beautiful thing.  He has carried airplanes and robots all over the place, true, but these things were always just objects that he was obsessed with.  He has renamed Angus "Black" (like the black stallion), although he does still answer to Angus when mommy messes up.  For the past two nights, Jack insists that we plug the sink and run water when he has his bath so that the horse can have a bath (in the sink) too.  He carries him everywhere we go and sleeps with him every night.  When he got sick the other night the first thing he wanted me to do was make sure Angus was ok.  This is so different from his usual frantic fixations on things.  It's more like....a relationship?  He worries about him and loves him.  This is really huge. 

Sweetest boy.

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