Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You Need More "you" Time

HA!  I say hahahahahahaha.  This is what our therapist told me this evening.  Again- ha. 

As with many many mommies out there, my "me" time is THERAPY, or driving there or better yet the dentist!  How many of us have fallen asleep in the dentist's chair (and I mean without sedation)?   I had a run "scheduled" today.  Really I did.  However, Nate's bus was stuck in traffic and couldn't get to him this morning, so after Jack's bus picked him up at 8:50 I had to drive Nate to school and get him there by 9- at least 5 miles away during rush hour.  Did I mention that I have never dropped Nate off at his "new" school before?  If you were there this morning I was that idiot mom that pulled into the bus area- yes that was me.  Every elementary school has a very "strict" drop off procedure, and just to keep it interesting each one is very very different.  After having my boys in 4 elementary schools already, believe me, I am aware.  This, however, did not prevent me from making a complete a** of myself.  So idiot mommy had to back down the bus lane and pull in the correct way, only to be told that ECI kids have to be walked in when they are driven.  Awesome.  So I pulled through that lane and parked, and took Nate to his class, and had a 20 minute conversation with his teacher.  And pulled Nate off my leg.  The victory- he didn't cry when I left. 

So I guess the frantic drive home (or as I prefer to think of it- to work) was my me time today.  Today was the only "normal" day this week- aka no run. 

I think it's bed time- hey maybe that can be my "me" time....

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