Thursday, 28 February 2013

Frequent Flyer

Believe it or not, this is not about Jack and airplanes.  Well, it kind of is, since everything is about Jack and airplanes, ha. 

I went in to Jack's school AGAIN today, for another IEP session.  Before I get into that I will say that I volunteered in Jack's classroom yesterday and for once found it to be a fairly pleasant experience.  He had the special educator with him for "workshop" time (which is what I was there for) and she was fantastic with him.  If you are able to keep Jack somewhat on task when mommy is visiting you're doing pretty well.  I was playing a reading game with the kids and she even helped me a bit when a couple of unruly kiddos weren't doing a very good job of listening.  Of course I am afraid to pull out the wicked witch voice with someone else's kid.  Anyway, it was kind of bonding, which is a good thing.

So this morning, the advocate and I met with the full IEP team.  This team included Jack's teacher, the OT, the PT, the speech pathologist, the special educator, the school psychologist, a psychology student, the assistant principle and the school nurse.  Not intimidating at all.  The meeting lasted less than an hour and was really the least complicated one thus far.  It was basically a session devoted to planning Jack's next set of evaluations.  He is due to have them completed before his sixth birthday.  Also, his diagnosis needs to be changed from developmental delay to something more specific at this point.  I came home with loads of paperwork to fill out regarding his behavior and focus.  His teacher will fill out the same.  There are a mind-boggling number of different evaluations to be completed by the various staff members.  Luckily they have 60 days to get it all done.  I anticipate Jack qualifying for a significant increase in his services after this process is completed.  And it feels really good to get it all started.  I feel like I am slowly becoming more familiar with this process and it doesn't hurt that I am getting to know the team.  As I see them with Jack, my confidence in them is growing.  For the moment we seem to be on the same page.

Tomorrow I will be going to yet another meeting.  This one is at the special needs daycare center I have been considering for Nathan for his afternoon care.  I found out that two of his little ECI classmates are already going to this facility after class on the same bus Nate is on, so this is a huge comfort.  That being said, I am feeling very bittersweet at the prospect of having both boys out of the house all day.  I love having Natey nearby, knowing that if he gets a boo boo I can kiss it, or if he is trying to say a new word I will hear it.  It's hard to give that up. And I also have to consider the fact that it's already March.  Even if this center works perfectly for Nate's half days, summer break is right around the corner and then I will need care for Jack as well, and full day care for Nate when he is not in his extended school year program.  There is no way we can afford this center, full-time for both boys.  It would be over $3000 a month.  The center is considered a higher level of care than a typical daycare center as it offers things like social skills groups, speech, and other developmental activities.  So we may be eligible for some type of aid- grants or something.  The director can assist in this process.  Fingers crossed on that front.

So as you can see, I am really bored.  Ha.  I am also a busy little bee locating ipad apps that are appropriate for the boys and trying them out.  Jack and I tried a reading program before bed last night and he rocked it.  I am so excited to have this tool!

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  1. It's a great feeling to have an IEP meeting that really does feel like a team meeting! I've been lucky to have mostly ones like that, and I do think the more you get to know the people working with your child, the more everyone feels like they are working toward a common goal, and it doesn't feel like you are fighting to get what you need.

    With the apps, Janey loves one lately called Endless Alphabet. It's like a lot of apps in that you put letters in place to form a word, but as you move the letters around, they say their sounds in a way that is both educational and hilarious! And the words are interesting ones, and more get added all the time.