Monday, 25 February 2013

Playing Hooky

I have a cold- Nate has a bad cold.  I couldn't get him to get out of bed this morning.  This is a totally foreign concept to me, a child not wanting to get out of bed?  We don't have that in this house.....

So I set about the morning of a busy mommy, rearranging the day.  Figuring out logistics,  making the usual plans, cancel this doctor appt, call the school, call the busdriver, call the home visit tech who is supposed to come on Mondays, call the sitter to see if maybe if I say pretty please can she come a bit earlier.  Yes, I feel crappy too but this rarely keeps me from work.  Then Nate came over to me, put his head on my knee and I said screw it.  My baby needs me.

Some days you have to snuggle your baby.  It's a mommy requirement.  There is nothing today that is more important than taking care of this sweet child.  So I made a few more calls, and now I have my little velcro boy snuggling on my lap.  Excellent morning.

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