Thursday, 7 February 2013

Big Day

Today is Jack's IEP meeting.  For the first time, I am not going alone- an advocate is coming with me.  Unlike before other IEP meetings several drafts have already gone back and forth, information from Jack's private providers has been shared and I have provided a detailed parental input document.

I feel like a little kid going to the principal's office.  I need to shake this feeling off and go in with the attitude that the school has a responsibility to provide these things for my child.  I am glad to have a teammate, I am glad that I feel prepared.  I have examples of Jack's work and I have my boxing gloves tied around my neck- will not put them on unless necessary.  I want to have a good working relationship with these professionals as we have a long road ahead of us.  I feel as though this meeting will be very telling- will they compromise with us?  Will they take my concerns into consideration?  How they react today will tell me a lot about what the future holds. 

So please wish me luck.  Deep cleansing breaths. 

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