Sunday, 17 February 2013

Dodging a Sensory Bullet

Jack went to a birthday party for a little friend in his class yesterday.  It was at one of those bounce places- I was a little worried about the noise and the large number of kids- worried about sensory overload.  There were probaby close to 30 kids at the party.

So they lead us into the first of 2 "bounce rooms".  This was a swanky bouncy place let me tell you.  The kids are handed glow necklaces and they start playing.  Suddenly they turn out all the lights, turned on loud music, put on flashing colored lights, and a disco ball.  Then about 5 minutes later they turn on the bubble machine so there are bubbles everywhere.  I stood there and almost had a heart attack.  This sort of situation, a year ago, would have meant the demise of party time for Jack.  Without question.  I mean the other moms and I were standing there commenting about how we were getting headaches just watching the kids. 

Jack barely seemed to notice?  OooooKaaaay.  I am not complaining, I was just shocked.  Maybe it was because he was busy chasing around the one little boy in his class who is constantly telling him to get away from him?  Why do kids do this by the way?  It's like watching them beat their heads against a social wall.  I don't think Jack even notices that this little boy is NOT being nice.  He calls him his friend.  Ahhh the insulating blanket of Asperger's.  Sometimes it has it's positives. 

Anyhoo, so glad that he survived the party without a meltdown, major victory. 

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