Sunday, 10 February 2013

Good Weekend for Mr. Jack

Jack was faced with a couple of challenges for him this weekend.  Nothing huge or traumatic, just stuff that I worry about.  For instance, his grammy and grandad took him to the orchestra on Saturday.  It was a children's performance, but let's face it, it was live music and this is my kid with major auditory sensitivities.  He begged not to go almost all morning and then went like it was nothing when my parents came to pick him up- my mom and I both suspect it was the influence of grandad, who he really looks up to.  My mom and dad say he did "well" although he was chatty- which is just to be expected.  And I take the fact that they didn't come back early as an extremely good sign.

I got some much needed and appreciated respite this morning in the form of coffee with a close friend who I have been missing lots.  Two hours of conversation later I think we are just about caught up.  :) 

I really wanted to spend some quality one on one time with Jack today.  After this past week of working on the IEP and focusing on his issues, I needed to just be with my little boy and remember how awesome he is.  It was a simple afternoon really- we spent about an hour and a half at a local playground- almost the whole time was playing tag- mommy is beat.  But he also showed interest in climbing a tree which is a first for him.  He used to be nervous about even the jungle gym, so this was pretty cool- he didn't get far, but he wanted to try again and again...

I was really worried about it but wanted to take Jack to a local art show called "Art from the Heart".  It was put on by an amazing local foundation in honor of a girl who passed away from cancer at the age of 13- the foundation was founded by her younger sister (how inspiring is that??).  The art was all created by children at the Johns Hopkins Children Center, except for one small exhibit which was created by kids at the Harbor School, which is a local private school for children on the spectrum.  Jack and I have been talking about people getting sick and he has been asking many questions.  I thought this would be a good way to help him see the human side of all of this- he has the tendency to get caught up in the technicalities of things (no surprise there) but he has such a wonderful heart- sometimes he just needs a little reminder (just like the rest of us).  I confess that I am always nervous about taking him to things like this- didn't know if other kids would be there, didn't know if it would be quiet and subdued or a more laid back atmosphere.  Thank God it was option 2.  Jack looked at the art with me for about 5 minutes and then found out that one of his "old" preschool buddies was playing in the gym of the facility- he went and played with the kids for awhile- fine with mommy- another big positive- social stuff!  The exhibit was so very touching and the art was beautiful.  I am so glad that after texting and emailing various people to ask their opinions (thank you) I took the plunge with him.  Very worthwhile cause.

We then just ran a few routine errands.  Doesn't sound exciting, but when Jack waits in line nicely with mommy it is a major victory.  We picked up some valentines (airplane) that we had printed up and got some envelopes.  Two stores.  He did a great job.  We went to Chipotle for dinner and mommy let him cheat and have a tortilla.  He was a little gentleman.  Other than his funny expression when he tried a pinto bean, haha.

When we got home I got his valentines ready and wrote all of his classmates on the envelopes in highlighter.  Jack sat down with me and wrote every single name (tracing) with very little protest.

I know this all probably sounds a bit mundane, but really, this was a fantastic day.  Jack did a great job with transitions, unfamiliar places, and many new people.  The only time I saw some sensory stuff is when they turned the big lights on in the gym and he ran out of the room as fast as possible.  No biggie.

I am working on a few new interventions for the boys- non medication related.  One we started yesterday officially and one will begin later this week (for Jack only).  Will elaborate on these in another post, but let me just say that I am really thinking outside the box these days.  Wish me luck with that!

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