Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hot Dog

I was SO looking forward to today- frankly it was to be the only "normal" day this week, aka, both boys in school, no appointments, well at least not until 5pm.  I can't deny that I am really enjoying having the mornings alone in the house.  I haven't been alone in the house since, it feels like ever.  I drink coffee, I do my job, I blow up balloons between calls, you know the usual.  Starting next week I imagine I will be wrapping gifts during conference calls.  That would be frowned upon in an office :-).  So productive was I that I had 6 loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread out of the oven by 7:30 this morning. 

So imagine my dismay when I found my dog getting sick all over the house.  Now, I knew that Riley had ingested chocolate yesterday- he found one of the bags of chocolate chips in the grocery bag, in my diaper bag, on top of my desk and went to town.  He has done this before, no ill effects.  I have been told it's really baker's chocolate that you should worry about.  Not so.  White chocolate and milk chocolate are less worrisome, but semi-sweet can apparently be dangerous as well.  He was sick several times and I was hoping he was getting it all out of his system, but something was nagging at me. He was drinking water like crazy, pacing, and seemed really anxious.  Now he's always hyper, but there's a difference between hyper and anxious.  John came home to take him to the vet, since I had to get the boys from their respective buses.  When he returned from the vet he was alone.  They kept Riley for IV fluids and medications.  His heart rate on arrival was 190- that explains the anxiety.  He ingested enough to make him really sick- the next step after arrhythmias is seizures.  So glad we took him in.  Even though we are $600 lighter than we were this morning. :-(. 

Jack and Riley don't really get along under normal circumstances.  Riley is too erratic and he makes Jack nervous.  But when we told Jack today that Riley had to go to the doctor for a "test" he seemed really concerned.  He actually petted him when he got home tonight.  Riley drives me NUTS.  I can't leave the kids' food out anywhere, even on the counter, or on top of the toaster oven.  He has mad skills.  He can open the cabinet where we keep the trash and make a huge mess.  He even goes after dirty diapers (sorry but it's true).  He wakes the kids, scares the neighbors, and terrifies the UPS man who is always saying he looks like he's going to "come through the window."  All of that aside, today shook me up a little.  Riley was our first baby and the thought of losing him when he is only 8 really got to me.  Feeling very thankful that he's ok.  So now, everyone go pet your dog.  And put your chocolate somewhere very safe!

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