Monday, 10 December 2012

A Quote to Brighten Your Day

So Jack was just playing with a helicopter that Nate received for his birthday yesterday, and he had it land on our window ledge in front of the Melissa and Doug toy nativity set that we have for the boys.  He said "mom, the helicopter is on a search and rescue mission because he received a call that the little lord Jesus had a boo boo." 

We are all so reverent with regard to our religion and Jesus when it comes to the holidays.  I love that Jack keeps bringing Jesus "back down to earth" for us this holiday season.  Between, "hey mom, when is he coming back", to "I, baby Jesus, would like some hot cocoa", he's making me feel more like Jesus really was just a regular guy.  I guess he did say let the little children come to me- he wanted to be approachable and clearly Jack is not intimidated!  Happy Monday

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