Sunday, 16 December 2012

Counting Our Blessings

I haven't been able to bring myself to post the past few days- I have felt like talking about my kids would be somehow disrespectful to the families in Connecticut who are going through such horrible pain right now.  There is nothing going on in my life that is important enough to mention.  So instead I am just going to thank God for all that I have.  For these two beautiful boys asleep on my lap.

For my sweet sweet five year old who has allowed me to call him nothing but "Eagle Eyes" the pilot for the past 2 days.  And Nate is Hawk Eyes, I am Falcon Eyes, and daddy is Snake Eyes. 

For the same little boy considering his Under Armour, which was recommended by his OT (compression type) instead of the expensive weighted vests or "official" compression clothing, his flight top.  And refusing to wear anything but this all weekend.  All of the five year olds that were lost on Friday had similar, endearing quirks I am sure.  I am all the more thankful to be experiencing Jack's this weekend. 

When he stepped off the bus on Friday I almost squeezed the life out of this beautiful child.  He said "are you loving me mommy?"  Then he asked for Chick Fil A.  And he got it.

HOW are these parents walking through their days?  I can't imagine how much pain they must be feeling.  I miss Jack while he's at school.  The thought of's just too much to even consider.  I am afraid to send him to school tomorrow and  keep trying to remind myself that he is just as safe as he was last Monday.  Somehow, that doesn't ease my mind right now.  I, like most of the moms, dads, and well, people, I know, am just devastated by what happened in Connecticut.  I will continue to pray for all of the victims, and I will keep squeezing both of my boys extra tightly.  Look at Jack- he is in kindergarten- most of the child victims?  They were his age.  Beyond Comprehension. 

I will also pray for all of the teachers throughout the country who are returning to their jobs tomorrow.  Friday's events reminded all of us of how much trust we put in our schools every day- how much responsibility the teachers and administrators shoulder every single time they go to work.  I can imagine that even entering their classrooms will give them pause.  Teachers are so important- and the reactions of the teachers in Connecticut during this crisis just demonstrates further that our children are not just taught while they are in their care, they are loved and cared for.  Let's all remind ourselves of that when we put our precious children on the bus tomorrow morning.

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