Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Career Path for Jack!

I have come up with a BRILLIANT way for Jack to capitalize on his obsessions!  It came to me this morning while I was trying to work on a case before taking him to the bus stop. He was interrupting me approximately every 30 seconds to talk about BF-109's, to question whether mine had a yellow or striped bolt, how many blades the propellor might have, or just to repeat long winded parts of you tube videos he has watched on the subject. 

I thought about how much this drives me absolutely bonkers.  Yes I am proud of his, ummm, focus and memorization skills, but he never ever ever stops.  I have come home from errands to find John looking despondent, Nate sucking his thumb and Jack saying, "daddy BF109, can we watch one more messerschmidt video??".  We do learn to tune him out to a certain extent, but the bugger seems to notice when our answers are too generic and will repeat his questions over and over until we give a meaningful response.

So I've got it- surely this technique could be put to excellent use in the military.  With all of the controversy over the methods used to question military prisoners, I have now come up with a completely harmless (well, physically) torture method that is sure to get some answers.  Just lock them in a room with Jack and ask him to talk about BF-109's.  After an hour or so, they will be willing to tell you anything you want to know- TRUST ME!!!!  Love my boy, but I am so over german airplanes I can't even express how much I miss robots and killer whales right now!!!

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