Monday, 2 July 2012


Terminally out
Severna Park
Deja Vu

Day 3 no power. I have watched most of my family and friends have their power restored, and while everyone keeps saying, "your're next!" I remember last August- 8 days.  Our neighborhood seems to have this special quality....our power goes off easily and remains off longer than almost anyone elses....whoopee.

Last year when our power went out we came to feel like refugees.  It was really bad and we didn't cope very well.  And I associate that exact week with many things....the first time I saw Nathan have what I consider a full blown autistic melt down, the first time we realized he was actually losing words, and the beginning of a very very terrible period for our family. Both John and I for some reason mark the beginning of the downward spiral with that week.  So when we heard the howling of the wind on Friday night, I looked over at my husband in bed and literally saw him praying that our power would not go out.  Then we heard the transformer blow.  I made a vow to myself that this would NOT be like last time.  That we would "weather" this storm in a much more functional way.  We have both had our freak out moments, but over all we have held it far.  The estimate for restoration is tomorrow at 4:30pm.  I always add 24 hours....and feel that is being generous after last time.  I remember that every time I heard a big truck during that period last summer I would sprint for the window.  This time....let's just say I am not holding my breath.

Luckily, John insisted on purchasing a generator after last year.  Literally the day our power came back on he bought it.  He has lived in our town all of his life, he knew what he was doing.  So we haven't lost the boy's special diet foods, or medications/supplements.  Thank God for that.  And we have a TV, and a fan, and a light.  AC......I miss you!!!! SO MUCH!  We spent most of the day out of the house yesterday....we even took both boys to the movies to see Brave (which we were being by taking them).  It was Nate's first movie, unless you count Toy Story 3 when he was 8 weeks old.  He just stared at that screen with his little mouth hanging open, and eventually passed out (sleeping in a hot house is not very restful).  Jack had a running commentary at all times....he sat between John and me and we almost bumped heads several times shushing him.  But he made it....he was not thrilled with the subject matter of the movie and kept asking when the real one was coming on.
I have tried to think of some positives of the power goes

1.  my body image issues have gone right out the window, at least temporarily, half-naked is fine by me at all times
2.  family bonding at it's finest- family bed, one room living....
3.  My husband and I have discovered that we all have a little Macgyver inside of us waiting to come out
4.  great for the marriage- team problem solving, lots of togetherness.
5.  There really is no need for hot water, especially when it's 100 degrees.
6.  We have a "power outage plan" after last time- all blinds down, curtains drawn, cords run from here to here, etc.  we are really very efficient!
yeah, that's really all I've got.  John is at his office now cooling off, and I brought the boys across the Bay Bridge to my parents' house, they are watching them while I work.  Thanks guys....I am literally sitting here with a blanket across my lap...I am cold, hahahahaha!

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