Thursday, 26 July 2012

Moments of Lucidity

OK, I seem to be on a Nathan kick today.  First of all, I am loving all of the suggestions I am getting from my nurse friends already for the supplements.  And yes there are some days I WANT to drop an NG tube, get this business over with and go on with my day!  Oh well.  So my mind is already else where- think it may be the steroids I am on for my sinuses, but it takes a lot to hold my attention right now- brings me once again to Nathan, who is always that way!  He has moments when you can see that he is all there, and then poof!  he's gone, and who knows when you'll get him back.  I thought of the perfect comparison, which I will now share.

My best friend in nursing school, let's call her "Peg" (hehe), dated a real jerk for quite awhile when we were living together.  I mean, made her miserable.  She is this beautiful, funny, brilliant woman and I would ask her why she was still with him.  She would say that every time she was about to break things off, he would have what she came to call a "moment of lucidity" and she would start to believe he was a good guy again....and then it would be weeks before she saw this side of him again.  So for instance, jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-FLOWERS-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-DINNER-jerk-jerk-I LOVE YOU.  You know, the dance.  That intangible "thing" that keeps so many of us hanging in there.  "If he wasn't really a nice guy underneath all of this crap, he would never do/say that."  Needless to say, my friend wised up and now has a wonderful husband and family.  Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I don't have to date anymore??

Anyway, this is exactly how I feel with Nathan's attention and speech.  He will run around humming for hours in seemingly pointless vocalization, and then all of the sudden he comes out with a new word, or new phrase.  A few weeks ago all of the sudden it was "one two three boom!".  And this past week he said egg.  His sitter and one of his ABA teachers both mentioned that they thought he said "Annie" in the past few days.  This is the sitter's name by the way.  I hadn't heard it, but I know how he just comes out with stuff you aren't expecting so I had a tendency to believe that he was saying it.  So I posted earlier and went for a run.  I came home and he was just running around the family room, so I thought I'd try.  "Annie?"  He looks right at me and says it "nannay".  And THEN just in case I wasn't about to pass out from the excitement he says "go bye bye" and then "bye bye mommy".  John witnessed this also, otherwise I might not believe it myself.  This is incredibly significant not just for the words, but for the sequence and apparent process he went through in his head.  Annie comes each morning, I put him in the car, and she drives him to school.  Annie, go bye bye, bye bye mommy!!  Talk about a moment of lucidity!  In boyfriend equivalency this equals flowers, dinner, and a back rub in the same evening!!!

I tried to get him to do it again while I recorded him, but of course as all parents know, this was never gonna happen.  I did catch him saying a couple of things, and the moments in between when I can't get his attention to save my life.  You will hear me repeat the phrases I hear, see if you hear them too.  Oh, and anyone else who finds something I didn't hear gets 10 points.  :-)

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