Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's all relative....

Totally forgot that Nate's special educator was doing a home visit today....we had to reschedule during the power outage last week.  Good thing I never leave the house!  I often dread these visits because I don't know what I am going to witness.  I get a sheet about what Nate is doing every single day from ABA...so I guess I should know in theory.  But Nate has a different aide working with him daily (they rotate) and he performs differently for each one depending on how they interact with him, his mood, the tasks presented to him, etc.  So sometimes when Kristen comes to the house Nate is spot on with his ABA tasks, and sometimes it is really rough.

I was worried  when she got here because he was outside playing with his water table, and he was not going to want to come in.  But he actually did so pretty pleasantly, and of course went right to the table when Kristen said "Nathan come here".  Yeah, I would get a look and "daccchhh" if I requested that.  I am mom, I get the crap, haha.  Today was a GOOD day.  He completed almost all tasks, and the one he didn't complete was more a matter of him being 2 and being done for the day, it was something I have seen him do before, and know that he is capable of.  Here are his tasks:

matching objects (field of 8 different objects set out and one object handed to him at a time to match- has to scan for the right one)- got them all right!
stacking cups- in increasing sizes- check
shape sorter- 7 different shapes- check
4 piece puzzle- check
peg board- placing pegs in a hole- he wouldn't complete this, started throwing the pegs and screaming (DONE)

I recognize these tasks are more appropriate for a child that is about 18 months old.  Here is mommy's recent development (and I am very proud of this by the way)- don't care!  I am so stinking proud when he accomplishes these goals!  I said to Kristen today- he is my little genius!  It really is true that these small accomplishments mean so much more with him. He works so hard to reach these goals and I can literally see his little mind working overtime when he does them.  I am very proud of my little boy!  THEN, when she told him "all done"- he looked at me and said "go out" and walked to the door.  OK, maybe it's cheesy, but just telling the story brings tears to my eyes.  My boy!!!  

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