Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Natey- ABA Update

I am always talking about Nate's ABA and have even posted some pics, but his home therapist came today and I thought, why not take a little video, so I did.  You will see that the goals we are striving toward are really very simple, it doesn't make the fact that Nate touched his nose on command today mean ANY less though!  Love my little boy and I am very very proud of him

Here he is identifying a picture of a dog, even when moved to a different position.  this is kind of a prep for when they do multiple different pictures and have him point to the correct one.  

Simple imitation stacking of blocks....pretty self explanatory

Identifying pictures of people with a second picture used as a "distractor"

working on fitting puzzle pieces- this was not his norm, he usually does this pretty easily, and unfortunately my video limit was reached on my I-phone before he did it- but he did get it eventually!

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