Friday, 27 July 2012


Does it ever feel like this has just gone out the window?  Not for everyone, I know, but man, some of the stuff I hear these days just boggles my mind.  I have been blessed for the most part- our family has been in a lot of need this past year, and we have had to rely on others way more than we ever have before.  Teachers, Doctors, OT's, PT's, speech therapist, behaviorists, therapists.  There are really some treasures out there, and we have been lucky enough to know some.  Our pediatricians, amazing.  My PCP- awesome.  Even the pediatric dentist was pretty great.

So what does this mean to me?  Personal attention, actual genuine caring, follow through.  Doing one's job to the best of their ability and for the right reasons.  Looking out for your patient or client's over all welfare.  It's not always easy to do.  I am a nurse, I function as half nurse and half social worker on a daily basis.  Speaking as someone who works with a difficult population that includes addicts, people without homes, very ill people with no social support, end stage organ failure, and poverty there are days that it is really a challenge to be compassionate, to say "sure I would be happy to look into why you have to pay a dollar for your thousand dollar prescription" or no problem, I would love to call and tell off the transportation company  that drives you around FOR FREE because they were 15 minutes late.  There are those challenges.  Then there are the times I have to literally pinch myself to prevent myself from laughing- I have heard stories about people's rectums that would make your eyes roll back in your head.  And remember, these conversations are recorded.  Straight face is absolutely essential.  Thank God I can text my supervisor and tell her that I really hope my current conversation is being recorded because she will find it very entertaining.  And there are also times when my patients, when I ask them how their post-transplant follow up is going, tell me that their leukemia has relapsed and they have just been told an hour ago that they have 3 weeks to live.  How do you comfort someone telephonically about something so traumatic?  It's difficult for sure.  And it was even more difficult when I was at the bedside, and knew my patients for years at a time, and then watched them die.  BUT, I always maintain my professional integrity.  No matter how difficult it is- because it is not only my job, but my profession.  It is something I believe in and it is the reason I am a nurse.  My personal interests can have no bearing on my professional performance.  I would never direct a patient to do something, or even push them in a certain direction.  That is WRONG on so many levels.  To take someone who has trust in you, as a professional, to be there, to do your job, and to be an upstanding human being and betray that is despicable.  And I have nothing but pity for professionals that operate on such a low level.  I know I complain that my calls are now recorded, but when I hear stories these days of misconduct in the caring professions, I understand it. And frankly, because I am not inappropriate, I am fine with it.  Record away!  Hope they don't mind cheesy jokes or gossip among professionals.  That's just part of job satisfaction.

I am trying to express a very deep betrayal without saying much. There is only one intended recipient of this post. Integrity is everything.  If you lie, if you overstep your bounds, if you exploit your clients, you are nothing.  And you deserve even less.  That is all....

And to the rest of the world?  Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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