Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bitter Pill

Supplements supplements everywhere....

I am really struggling with getting Natey to ingest all of these supplements.  There are soooo many and of course being that he's under 3 yrs old, pills are out.  That leaves injections (do that), powders, chewables, and liquids.  Kids with autism notoriously have very picky palates and Natey is certainly no exception.  Changing his diet last year was hell, he boycotted food for the first few days, which made for a very pleasant little boy. And now that I got him straightened out and eating the allowed foods, it's time to reintroduce others slowly, and he's not having it.  Thank God we have a dog to clean up all the food that he throws.  Right now his list of foods is as follows:
almond flat bread
almond butter
almond flour coated chicken nuggets
any type of chicken
meatballs (which are slightly illegal due to gluten-free bread crumbs, but screw it)
strawberries, but only when very ripe
dried mango
dried banana
scrambled eggs
occasionally cooked carrots
gummy vitamins
white grape juice.

Yep, that's all of the "legal" foods that he will eat.  Other things that he would eat if I let him (I know this b/c I watch him knock Jack down to get to them):  fries, fish sticks, ANY sweet, all cereals, veggie booty, any chips, popcorn, and basically any other junk he can get his little paws on.  As time goes on, it is getting harder and harder for me to deny him.  I just want him to be happy and I really feel like I am depriving him of one of the few things he really seems to understand and enjoy (food).  Mommy guilt comes in all shapes people.  You give too much, you take away too much.....can go either way right?  So as I said, I have been trying to reintroduce some things, and failing miserably.  All other fruits and vegetables go flying right away- but I keep trying because of that whole idea that it takes multiple exposures for the child to accept something.  Yeah, so far it's just not happening.  I have tried to change his beverage of choice as well- he used to love all milk, even coconut milk when we removed dairy.  I have tried every variety of coconut milk this time around and it gets immediately spit out.  Ugh.  Which brings me back around to the supplement issue.  I am fishing for ideas on how to make this happen...I have divided them up into 3 different drinks throughout the day, but sometimes he'll drink it and sometimes he won't.  I will be honest....I sure as hell wouldn't drink it- have ya tasted curcumin lately?  In grape juice?  Ughhh....I am lucky he takes any of it at all.
So right now it goes like this:
1st drink:
curcumin 300 mg (powder)
P5P 1 cap opened
folinic acid 1 cap opened'
gummy vitamins right now, but I am trying to work in super nu thera liquid (cherry flavored) b/c it has P5P already in it, thus eliminating the need for that capsule.  It also has vitamin levels that have been shown to be beneficial for kids on the spectrum.  He's not digging it, and he loves the gummies.  Better than nothing I guess

2nd drink:
grapefruit seed extract 6drops
b-complex drops, 1/2 dropper
probiotic cap opened

3rd drink:
curcumin 300mg (powder)
zinc, 1/2 cap opened
naltrexone, 3cc
calcium powder (this he really hates)
fish oil- takes it separately and loves it (barleans swirls)

I have tried chewable probiotics and calcium lately but he won't do it.  They taste good, as I have tried them, but I think it's the texture.  He rejects half of these beverages I listed above, partly, I am sure, for taste, but I can't imagine the powder texture is pleasant either.  Plus, half the time it clogs the no-spill valve on his sippy cup and then the cup starts's a mess.  I have tried making smoothies- he hates them.  So I am at a loss and begging for suggestions/advice. Please message me if you have something to offer!!!  

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