Tuesday, 11 September 2012

About to Burst!!!

Oh my goodness!  I know I have been posting a bit more than usual, but man is there something to post about.  My Natey.  Something is cooking in that little brain of his, and I am not going to play it cool right now.  There has been a huge change in him this week.  He is attempting many new words- but it is not just that.  It is the way he is using them.  It is the fact that he is trying words like "more" in new ways- for instance, while playing with a toy today that he has to pull a string to make go, the toy stopped, he looked at it and said "more" and then pulled the string again.  He has never really used this outside the context of food before.  He is pointing, really pointing all over the place.  And even when he is not using words, he is muttering under his breath, babbling like crazy.  He had a home visit today, and Kristen was astounded at the difference.  We kept catching words...."I hide", "more work", "tada", those are just a few that I can think of.  It's one of those times when everyone just looks at each other like "did we really hear that?  did you hear it, because I heard it?"  I taped his drills again today- please watch them, and if you didn't see last month's, go back and watch those too.  http://jackandnatesmom.blogspot.com/2012/07/natey-aba-update.html Those took place on July 31st.  I think the most marked difference is his behavior during the drills, his interaction with those around him, and most importantly his attempts at vocalization.  But that's just me.  I am biased of course.  Don't forget, if you are receiving my posts via email, the videos might not show up, you may have to come to my actual blog to view them (mom).  They are worth it!

he says "tada" in this one

says "car" in this one

Watching Nate do his drills involves a lot of sitting on your hands.  I tell Kristen all the time that I have no idea how she holds herself back so well.  I would want to just grab the puzzle piece after awhile and plop it in.  Annie, the sitter, commented on this as well, that she feels like maybe sometimes she hasn't given Nate the length of time he needs to actually complete a task.  Because he really does take his time and methodically figure things out.  Also, today instead of sitting in his little chair and just waiting for the next activity, he dove straight into Miss Kristen's bin of fun to find something to do. And tried to run away from us multiple times.  You can also see him in the videos checking in with me multiple times, something he hasn't been doing very much of lately. 

Can you tell I'm giddy???  I just have this hopeful feeling that I haven't had in a long time.  I try to stay positive on here about the boys, but I have been so scared for Nate.  This gives me a big dose of the hope I have so desperately been needing.  Come on buddy, I am praying that it's time for you to climb a little further through the "window". 


  1. Way to go Nathan!
    - Analisa

  2. So happy for you!!! That is amazing news.

  3. I hear you because this is tough. I know during my training days as an OT, I was like you, too! I think it comes from experience working with different types of kids. When that happens, it's easier to know what things might be too hard, too easy, or just right.