Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nothing A Manicure Can't Fix....

OK, so we know that yesterday was rough, right?  Right.  I have planned to go up to Pennsylvania to visit my little sister for the past few weeks- she bought a house about 2 months ago and I hadn't seen it yet.  And I really needed a break.  So after the boys' OT this morning, I headed up to check out her new digs.  She has been fixing it up in true Patton style- aka, ridiculously efficiently.  She has painted probably 3/4 of the house, including the kitchen cabinets, and it looks like she has been living there for way longer than she has.  She is doing a great job, and should be very proud of herself. 

My sisters have always been very special to me, we have a very strong bond in general.  When I posted about the aid that was rude to me at Nate's school the other day, they both responded on facebook pretty quickly with what they would like to do/say to her.  Love them.  By the way, off topic, thank you all so much for the supportive messages last night and today- it means the world to me to know that you are there for our family.  Anyhoo, Kate is 12 years younger than me, and was my dream come true.  I had begged my parents for a little sister for YEARS.  And I got so lucky with the one I got!  I may have spent many hours babysitting for her in high school, but she was the maid of honor in my wedding when she was only 16, and she was already an aunt to my older sister's son and daughter by then as well.  She has handled all of this with grace- in fact she planned my bridal shower in Baltimore from California.  How many 16 year olds can say that?  She stood up at the altar as a witness to our marriage, and promised to support us as a family in every way that she could.  She has kept that promise, even when it hasn't been easy.  She is Jack's godmother, and has been amazing to him- and to Nathan as well.  Can you tell I love her a little?

Kate knew that this was a difficult weekend for me.  Not just because of yesterday, but because of another difficult event that occurred a year ago as well- not going into that further, those of you who know me very well will say, oh gosh, yes, and for everyone else it's really inconsequential to the story other than to say that my sister was sensitive to what was on my mind.  I didn't realize what I was driving up to today, but it didn't take long for me to recognize that my little sister had every intention of taking care of me today, making me feel coddled. As she reminded me, yes I have done this for her plenty of times in the past, but I am the big sister- that is my job!  We went to lunch, we went for manicures- my first since my wedding I think?  We putzed around some shops, just looking at fun, mundane stuff and talking.  She made me laugh, she made me feel loved.  I hope I was at least able to do those same things for her.  The only blemish on the day was the fact that our older sister Sarah couldn't make it, but she does live in Indiana, so that's kind of a tall order.  I hope the three of us are all together soon- that needs to happen!  Thanks Kate, I really had a great day!

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