Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nate- New Interventions, Side Effects, and Hope

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on Nate.  He has been on his fluconazole and flagyl for approximately 10 days now, and the mitochondrial cocktail for 5 days.  He is taking all of these like a champ.  We have gotten very lucky in that regard as he has accepted them all in his juice.

Side effects, let’s see.  Sorry squeamish readers, but he is having REALLY stinky grainy loose stool.  This is a sign that the fluconazole may be working.  He also has been extremely stimmy, which is another sign of what is called “die-off”, basically a worsening of those symptoms because of the by-products of the yeast dying.  So it’s a negative thing that hopefully will lead to improvement in the long run.

As an added bonus, Nathan has not slept through the night since, umm, last Tuesday night I think?  He is my sleeper, so this really stinks.  This could be one of two things- more die-off symptoms, or something in the mitochondrial cocktail is having some effect.  Only time will tell if that is a positive or negative effect.  It could be “awakening” of some neural connections, or it could be that one of the supplements in the cocktail is very activating to him and cause some hyper stimulation.  We need to wait it out for now, as no matter what is going on, this side effect could be a transient one.  Or, if there are a lot of other more positive effects, this side effect could be helped with melatonin and may be worth dealing with.  Either way, when he is awake at night all he wants on earth is to be “squeezed”.  Arms, legs, feet, you name it, he wants deep pressure.  He has also been more fussy- possibly lack of sleep, but he also seems to be over-stimulated more easily.  He had a rough time at his grand mom’s house yesterday- lots of crying, didn’t eat a thing, grabbed my hand and led me to the front door (time to leave mom), etc. 

Have we seen anything really good?  John and I are saying this- Nathan is having a “good week”.  His speech, not necessarily increased, but definitely more consistent.  His little attitude is alive and well.  My dear John, devoted daddy that he is, continues to try for “night night” from Nate each night.  Tonight, he was leaning over Nate while he did this, giving him some deep pressure, and Nate pushed his leg onto John’s arm, smiled behind his thumb, and instead of night night, said “kick”.  Little stinkerJ.  Also, the other day, I handed him his juice and he just very casually said “thank you”.  These are definitely positive things.  And that is as far as I am willing to think right now.

I went through another phone interview with NIH today.  It made me cry, what else is new.  They were asking developmental questions for a good 30 minutes.  How often does he nod his head yes- never, how often does he wave- never, does he use at least 5 words a day- sometimes, how often does he respond to his name- sometimes, how often does he engage in imaginary play- never.  OK, so I have to admit that the interviewer made me laugh twice.  She would ask all of these serious questions to which she received pretty depressing answers, and then would wrap up the line of questioning (and in her defense she was clearly reading from a script) with something like “do you feel that Nathan uses the typical amount of language for a child his age?”  Or the kicker “have you ever had developmental concerns about Nathan?”  Seriously?  Nah- he's just introverted?!? 

So that’s where we are for now.  Mommy is finally getting a bit of relief from a migraine that was closing in on 6 days.  Which has been happening about 3 times a month the past few months.  I got a new migraine script today from my PCP and a referral to a neurologist.  In addition, after listening to all that has been going on she insisted on writing me a prescription for Xanax (HA).  She was like “and why do you not have this?  Like every day?”  That part was a bit of a joke, but she’s right, there are times when it’s just necessary and contrary to what I would like to believe, I am not wonder woman.  Just feel a bit sorry for the kids, because this mama is so drug na├»ve that if I take it at bedtime, it’s going to take a lot of noise to wake me up!  Anyway, hopefully this will help.

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  1. I also just came off a 5 day migraine stretch :( the high stress in the home I know is the cause. With my hubby working 4 jobs and the fact that I'm raising 4 kids by myself - it's overwhelming me. Hope you feel better soon.