Friday, 13 September 2013

Finally...Some Pain Relief for Mommy

As a mom, it’s always upsetting when you feel sick or for some reason unable to care for your little guys.  My migraines really reached a breaking point for me this week, and it was time to take action (or more action).

Last week, I went to the eye doctor- check, and the dentist- check.  All was well there.  I started doing yoga- yes, me yoga!  That “time of the month” thing that makes my migraines take flight was over.  I felt like I should be in the clear.  So why did I wake up at 3am on Wednesday morning with searing pain on the left side of my head again?  No amount of imitrex/aleve/cold/hot/deep breathing was going to help this one.  There have been very few times since Jack was born that I have waved the white flag and said “honey I am out of commission”.  This was one of these times.  I even called my doctor, accepted her prescription of hydrocodone (which I haven’t taken yet) and made an appointment with the neurologist.  Luckily, I was able to see him quickly- as in 9am Thursday.  He asked a bit about my stressors and triggers and looked at me like duh lady, of course you have migraines.  Well, I know, but I can’t live like this anymore- I just don’t have time for it.  He suggested going off birth control- are ya crazy???  And anyway, these started before that did.  The only abnormal on my exam was a slightly decreased deep tendon reflex in the L arm.  He didn’t seem concerned.  He gave me a daily script for migraine prophylaxis, told me to follow up in two weeks and if things aren’t improved then it will be MRI time. Fair enough.

He prescribed amitriptyline- it’s a tricyclic antidepressant- and for that usage it’s usually dosed at 150-250mg/day, but apparently in low doses it has been very effective for migraine prophylaxis along with a slew of other chronic pain issues.  Have I mentioned that I am pretty drug naïve?  He prescribed 10mg.  I took it at about midnight, as it is supposed to cause drowsiness.  Umm, yep, try 24 hours of drowsiness AND dizziness.  Not very easy to focus on a computer screen when you’re dizzy.  The upside is that despite these side effects, one important thing was missing- a headache!  So that is really good news- I think I will try taking a half tonight to see if maybe that would be a better middle of the road type dose for me.  I am grateful for the relief, that’s for sure, but if I’m asleep all the time or half way there, it’s not really making me more productive now is it?

Thank you to my hubby.  He handled the duties on Thursday quite nicely, getting people ready for and off to school, and getting them to OT at night.  He DID admit that he was exhausted last night –ha.  Sometimes role reversal can be very good for a relationship- I know that after he walks a day in my shoes John usually has an increased level of respect for what I do.  Hmmm…..maybe I should try going to the office sometime?

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