Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nate's Triumphant Return

Nate made his triumphant return to ECI today.  He has the same driver and aide on the bus as last year, which is a huge comfort to this mama.  He did well getting on the bus, except when Mr. Sam made him come back to the front for a picture, that ticked him off but good.

He went on the bus back to the Cisco Center after school, where he stayed until after I got Jack off of his bus at 4pm and we went to pick him up.  Now we have done Mr. Jack’s homework (swimmingly) again, and we have OT for both boys at 6pm. 

This week has kicked this mama’s ass. 


After 6 WEEKS of begging/negotiating/calling/threatenin/cajoling, today we received Nate’s mitochondrial cocktail!  Now, to see if he’ll drink it, and if it will work.  And then, I am going to pass out for a really really long time. The end.

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