Friday, 2 August 2013

My Confounding Compounding Issues....

It’s been about 3 weeks now since our last visit to the developmental pediatrician.  I was given many “assignments” for both boys, as always.  After about 15 phone calls and just as many emails, I think that I have found someone who can compound the ridiculous number of supplements that the doctor wants Nathan to take- without sending us into bankruptcy.  To refresh your memory, or in case you missed that post- it was approximately 11 pills, 2 powders and 9 teaspoons of liquid.  Nate is 3 and doesn’t take pills.  I have continued giving him “some” of the supplements, the ones I have deemed to be the most important, by hiding them in his food and drink, just until we come up with a more permanent solution.  He has been a pretty good sport about it and by now I can gauge how many things I can add to his beloved cup before he rejects it.

It was way more complicated to solve this issue than I had originally imagined.  Our regular compounding pharmacy was pretty slow to respond and their “cocktail” was a pretty standard formulation which they did not seem very willing to alter.  I found another compounding pharmacy that was eager as could be to assist me.  This sadly should have warned me of what I was in for.  I gave them all of the supplements and doses and after several days they called me to let me know that they had come up with a liquid formulation that would be twice a day.  Awesome!  Ha, not so much.  A one month supply of the compound was….wait for it….$250!!!  And they do not take insurance.  This would be in addition to the other supplements both boys are already on.  And if it proved to be helpful for Nate we certainly would want Jack to try it too- there was just no way. 

Back to the drawing board.  I located another compounding pharmacy who wanted to speak directly with the doctor- after many, many attempts we finally made this happen.  I called to check in with them yesterday and they said they need a little more time, but it looks doable, and they estimated the cost to be about $60.  This sounds a bit more reasonable to me, and they suggested I speak with our insurance company to see if compounded vitamins are covered, as they will provide me with the appropriate paperwork for reimbursement if that's a possibility.  I am not holding out much hope, but even if they don’t cover it, we can handle this, especially if it works!  They are also able to provide a flavor that will be palatable, and keep it gluten and dairy free.  Ironically, they are 5 miles from our house- who knew?

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that we have really finally solved this issue- oh and also that it helps!  After all of this….well I am just praying.


  1. Are the supplements helpful? Both of my boys are on the spectrum, (neither of my girls are). We haven't tried anything like that. They just have a regular pediatrician, so maybe that is why it hasn't been suggested to me before.

  2. What effect are the supplements supposed to have? How will you ascertain if they are " helping" ?
    Ann ( retired nurse ) in Canada

  3. any compounding pharmacy will mail medications, you dont need to drive. Just google this.

    I am thinking this is futile attempt to holistic help with the spectrum issues... focus on the ABA services, if you can move out of Maryland!... I moved out of a state who doesnt have mandates because my child was more important than my job. I refused to pay taxes to a state who felt my child's care wasnt their concern.