Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mommy and Natey Time

OK, the first part of this will be whining, but I'll get it over with as quickly as possible ok?  Earlier this summer I had scheduled myself to be off of work all week in case the funding for Cisco Center didn't come through.  Then it did, hip hip hooray!  So in a shocking and selfish move, I kept two days all for me- planned to work this mon, tues, wed, and then take off the rest of the week to get organized for the school year, buy school supplies and consign stuff that doesn't fit anyone anymore. 

Well first, I had to schedule a study appointment for Jack- there goes Friday morning, so John and I just decided to get the boys early from Cisco and take them to see Planes in the afternoon ( I am Soooooo excited).  Then last night I hear hacking from Nathan's room; then sneezing, then coughing.  He ended up sleeping with us last night and there was no way I was going to expose a room full of special needs kids to an illness- talk about a death wish, lol, so I kept him home.  There goes Thursday.  I won't deny that no matter how much I love the kids, I was really looking forward to this time.  Like REALLY.  So I was pretty bummed. 

But then Nate and I snuggled in my bed until almost 9, and had a leisurely breakfast, then we played for awhile.  He seemed ok, so we went ahead to the consignment shop and dropped off a bunch of clothing.  And he still seemed fine, so we went to Marshall's, where we spent time just looking at toys and books for him.  He was beside himself with happiness, either over our one on one time or the toys, couldn't quite tell.  When we were done, I plopped him in his seat, walked around, got into mine and turned around to this....
It appears it was the mommy time that he was happy about.  I am sure he was thrilled to be the one and only for a day- this happens so rarely.  This smile completely turned my day around (although honestly, I was already happy).  We went home and ate lunch, and then we both took a nice long nap- he's still sleeping.
In a stunning climax, I checked my messages and got the BEST EMAIL EVER from the compounding pharmacy.  They ran Nate's mitochondrial cocktail through our insurance (finally) and guess what???? IT'S COVERED!!!!!!  With a $35 copay.  I. am. ecstatic!!!!!!  So we should be getting a 5 day supply by Monday- the flavor will be chocolate cherry.  If he will take that, then they will send his full prescription.  If not, we'll try another flavor.  Victory is sweet!!! And apparently so are mitochondrial cocktails!

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