Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I have said before that fine and gross motor development have been a challenge for Jack.  He walked at 16 months, used to stand at the top of slides and look at me like "lady are you nuts?", and jumping was a really really big deal (and he has never stopped :) ).  We have been working on pumping FOREVER.  It's frustrating for a kid to learn this skill because for the longest time they feel like they are doing nothing, until something finally clicks and they realize they have to lean into it and really work to get moving.  Over the past 2 years, I have tried many motivators, the most popular being "flapping his wings", and being an airplane (legs out= taking off, legs in= coming in for a landing).  This has at least helped him get the concept down, but we have never before had actual movement like this!!!!  I have to try and calm myself down during these developments.  Luckily we do not have the first time he pedaled his tricycle up and down the street on video because it would have consisted of mommy sobbing and screaming "go, go, go" while daddy laughed at me  and said shhhhhh......you're distracting him!

On that note, please put your computer on mute or at least do your best to disregard my shrill voice on this video.  I was too excited not to share!!!!


  1. That's awesome! Although at first I thought this post might be about something else. lol!

    1. MICHELLE!!! That's my OTHER blog! HA!

  2. Actually listening to that video brings back memories of my days as a labor and delivery nurse....another one!!! More more more!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a milestone! Boy, do I remember those days!!! When you get to the open-backed swing ('big boy' swing), focus on the arms - push, pull- and the leaning back and front.
    It is such a great sensory regulator! At 11 I still send him out to the swings after every rough day of school to wash the day away!