Thursday, 8 March 2012

School Fun

First of all, I just want to thank all of you for the supportive, sweet messages.  Cannot believe how many people I have heard from whether here, on facebook or email.  People from junior high, old jobs, it's great.  I can use all the help I can get!  Any ideas or suggestions for the boys are always greatly appreciated as are your kind words.  My email is in case you don't want to contact me through facebook. 

So today I took the day off from that pesky paying job to be mommy all day.  This morning I had a sensory "class" for parents at Nate's school, and this afternoon I volunteered in Jack's class.  The class this morning was run by the occupational therapist that works with Nathan in his ABA program.  It went through many sensory seeking/avoiding behaviors and gave strategies for helping your child cope with their needs.  It was so interesting to hear, but funny in some ways, because for every behavior either Jack or Nate fit the bill.  And never on the same behavior.  Where one seeks, the other avoids.  Nate climbs, Jack is scared, Nate loves to color, Jack puts down his pencil, says "you do it" and makes you work for every letter.  Nate loves to chew on stuff, Jack avoids anything near his mouth.  Same genes right?  So different!  I also had a new experience with another parent.  I consider myself a beginner on this journey and am always seeking resources and looking to other parents for advice.  However, I am also a nurse, and our practice is see one, do one, teach one.  Well today was a teaching day for me apparently.  About half way through the class, a mom asked about gluten, dairy, etc and the effect on behaviors.  Of course the OT works for the school system and wants appear unbiased about things like diet changes and medical therapies, but I could tell that she is definitely pro-diet and just didn't want to say it.  This mom clearly spoke English as a second language and appeared very overwhelmed (we all are right?) by the information being presented.  I ended up sitting with her for awhile after class, telling her what I did with my boys' diets and giving her information about TACA (support group for parents) and the ECI Rolly Pollies.  She sounded so excited to attend these events and was so so grateful.  I know that feeling so well.  It felt wonderful to finally be able to support someone else.  I guess that even though I have a ton to learn, I already have plenty to share myself!

One of the activities the OT suggested for the boys was painting with shaving cream in the bath tub.  So I picked some up for tonight, sounds like fun to me.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into Jack's classroom to volunteer today and the teacher told me the parent "station" would involve squirting shaving cream on the table for the kids to practice writing letters and numbers with their fingers!  Guess everyone thinks it's a good idea!  They put Jack at my station first......LOOK OUT!!!!  He is obsessed!!  The other kids are sitting there spreading their shaving cream around and starting to work on letters.....Jack on the other hand, would dive into the shaving cream if it was possible..  He loves it!  Hard part was getting him to stop!  What a mess! But a fun mess! 

I usually dread volunteering in Jack's classroom, not because I dislike kids, but because Jack (like lots of other kids) acts out whenever I am there.  And since he has issues focusing on tasks to begin with, you can imagine what it is like if he is "distracted".  Today started out that way, he would not leave my side, but would not do what I asked him to do either.  He had a minor meltdown at the end of shaving cream time, and I definitely had my guard up and was waiting for the apocalypse.  It never came.  He moved onto the next station....he gave that teacher a little guff for a minute, but completed his task.  He moved on again, he did his work.  He wrote his name with NO assistance.  He sat on the rug the whole time during the song.  He played on the playground and ate his snack.  Needless to say, I am one proud mama today!!! Go Jack!  He is making great strides!


  1. Love this post! Good things going on!!

    Cannot stop laughing at the photo! Too funny and sooooo cute!

  2. No doubt that other mom really appreciated your help. We are proud of you for all the adaptations-on-the-fly that you are making.

    That pic cracked me up to. And to think I've just been using it on my face. :)

  3. imagine the possibilities, haha!!!

  4. If you want to email me any time, that's fine, too. I am not as experienced in terms of OT, but I do have a license in CA.