Saturday, 24 March 2012

Snip, Snip

I took the boys for a haircut this morning.  If you have any experience with an autistic child or a child with sensory issues, I need not say more.  I dread this task more than almost any other with the boys.  The day started off well, boys slept till 6am, which is heaven, and we headed out to our weekly OT appt at 8:15a.  We walked in and Jack saw his girlfriend (therapist) and said "good morning Miss Sam".  Stop the presses!!!!!!  He didn't say "have you seen a (hermit crab, killer whale, Wall-E)!  She and I looked at each other and just grinned.....progress!  While the boys are in their sessions mommy gets 50 minutes of time all to herself!  I have made friends with one of the receptionists whose daughter is also on the spectrum, she had several books waiting for me this morning and we had our usual chat.  I am continually astounded by how many kind and generous people I have met on this journey.  The support is just amazing.  About 40 minutes into the session, Natey came rip roaring into the reception area with his therapist chasing him and dove into my bag to grab his cup.  He is obsessed with his juice because it is one of the only sweet things he can have.  Poor Miss Myrna couldn't catch him before he made it!  Too funny.

So after the boys were done, we headed over to Hair Cuttery.  I woke up this morning and just told myself, this morning is going to suck.  And then it will be over.  Easter is coming and it HAS to happen.  It took 10 minutes for anyone to acknowledge our presence, and then I was told there was a 20 minute wait.  It was raining, so we were stuck.  I had the urge to run....but had to get it over with.  The boys were great while we waited.  However, Jack has gone from not talking to many people to talking to EVERYONE.  We were sitting by the door and he had a strong need to show every person who walked in the door the hermit crab that he and Miss Sam made out of a paper plate and pipe cleaners in OT this morning.  And tell them his name.  And show them how the crab moved.  And tell them all about hermit crabs.  ALL about them.  Most people are very sweet with Jack, he's 4, he's cute, and he smiles and makes eye contact.  What's not to love?  But after the first 2 minutes, it's time to move on, and Jack doesn't get this concept.  So he keeps going, and going......that's when it gets awkward.  Luckily he was in a listening mood, and stopped when I reminded him that not everyone loves hermit crabs.  Nate was enthralled with a picture on the wall and pretty much spent the whole wait staring at it.  Did I mention the wait was actually 45 minutes, not 20?  God give me strength.....

Let me explain something about the boys, and most children with autism.  Sounds are very intense to these children, as are vibrations.  Trimmers are OUT.  And their ears are very sensitive to touch.  If it's a night to clean ears I have to take like 15 minutes to prepare myself and then be ready for Jack to try to bite me the entire time.  It's really not his fault.  He does not do this at any other time (oh except nail trimming).  Every time I take the boys for a haircut I explain this to their stylist.  I have tried everything to get him to allow the trimmers (mommy would LOVE to space haircuts out further, believe me), I have tried telling him they are Wall-E's cousin, I have tried rewards, nada.  All of the stylists poo-poo me and then proceed to put the trimmers on his hand and turn them on "just to show him".  And he freaks.  Predictably.  Mommy is not a moron people.  Other than that, and major squirming Jack does pretty well at this point.  But Nathan.....whoa.  He is like a little bucking bronco the minute I put him on the seat.  Today I did the unthinkable just so I wouldn't be asked not to bring him back (ha).  I gave my complex-sugar free kid a freaking lollipop.  And I'm not sorry, so there!  It bought us 10 minutes.  After that it was scream central, with mommy holding his head in a vicelike grip and the stylist moving at the speed of sound.  But we made it.  Probably only 10 people stopped and stared.  Major victory.  So I tipped the stylists GENEROUSLY and we were DONE!!!!!  Very proud of them.

Reward is Chick-filA.  They have grilled chicken nuggets (they both can have them!!!!) and gluten free fries, which Jack can have.  God bless Chick-FilA- the only place mommy can get the boys take out!  Oh, and see Nathan below??  Eye contact!!  Good day

Completely irrelevant to the post (or maybe not), but saw this today and felt like sharing...


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  1. The haircuts look awesome! Never mind that you could soak in Calgon for 2 days to de-stress afterward! Love those faces and the EYE CONTACT!! And clearly you passed this test.