Monday, 14 May 2012

Natey stuff

Some video of Nate playing one of his "games", which basically consists of running in a pattern and laughing hysterically.  In the second one, he also shows some of the self-stimulating "stiffening" that I have mentioned in the past, as well as the other sound that was actually our first red flag that something was going on.  Mainly b/c of our experiences with Jack, it's a repetitive sound that he makes with his tongue, see if you hear it (it was concerning because it started REPLACING babble and language).  I am putting this on here so I have it to look back on when it's no longer relevant!  Oh, and of course, repetitive behaviors or not, the kiddo is just stinking cute!!!
Note:  if your receive my blog via email notification, you will need to go to the actual blog to view the videos in most cases.  I suggest you do will see a huge difference between the first set and the second set of videos.

I have also posted a few early videos of Nathan below.  It almost breaks my heart to watch them....but I want THIS documented as well.  When we go for our evaluations, if they want to see what I mean by "changes", here it will be, for them to see without question.  And it's nice to remember the time before the worry set it, I won't deny it.  I am so so glad we took these videos, especially since it was of no special occasion, just every day shenanigans.  The first one is from March of 2011, so Nate was 14 months old.  The second is from December 2010, he was 1 year old.  Note the eye contact, the sustained attention, the conversant babble.  Kills me

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  1. That is a really smart thing that you did. (I had another parent asked me about her child with autism a while back via the same way.) It's something you can teach other caregivers who are on the same boat as you.

    I know when I was in OT school, I was my clinical observation skills through watching videos of kids who had treatments in OT clinics that the instructors are working at.