Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Baby Steps.....

Ahhhh Nathan.....

My little cutie.  He is so much fun to watch, even when he is somewhat locked in his own world.  He has made up many little games for himself, keeps himself quite entertained most of the time.  We went strawberry picking about 2 weeks ago (well John and I picked them anyway).  Jack spent the whole time dodging bees and other flying insects, and Nathan spent the time twirling straw (sound familiar?).  But boy was he happy.  Our little runner didn't even try to make any mad dashes, just hung out with us, twirling away.  We were able to get quite a few berries, enough for a pie and 5 jars of jam, and yes I am proud of my domestic prowess thank you very much!

He has started doing some things that he used to do about a year ago.  He used to turn John's arm over, (palm up) and then fill it with everything he could gather...hats, shoes, socks, toys.  The OT thinks it is his large version of container play.  Well, he has found an even larger container, his crib.  Every night when I take him in for bed, he starts filling the crib.  His shoes, dirty clothes, books, toys, the other night he was trying like anything to put his laundry hamper in.  Hilarious to watch by the way.  I subtly take out as much as I can, because he gets really mad if he notices.  Then the other night, he discovered an even bigger canvas, the family room rug.  He was pulling all of the toys over, all of our shoes, John's travel mug, newspapers, you name it.  Then he would flop down in the middle of it, spread it back out and then pile it up again.  This went on for a good 40 minutes.  Yesterday afternoon while I was working on some cases downstairs, he decided my chair would be a good receptacle.  I found myself flooded with John's slippers, the remotes, eventually he tried to pile the beanbag chair on.  Is this an antiquated form of the "line things up game" that children with autism are notorious for?  Probably.  It's stinking cute!

When we saw Dr. Brenner last week, he wrote a script to more than double his B12 injection dosage- but we have a full month's supply of the old dosage to get through first, stuff's expensive.  While we were sitting there, he suggested I try just doubling his injections up a couple times to see if we see a difference.  So I did that both Monday and today, but made sure I told no one.  Yesterday at school he said "open" and "ball".  He said "ball" this morning for the sitter.  When the therapist came to the house today to do his home visit, he did amazing, and sat there mumbling to himself while he was trying to work the puzzles, shape sorters, etc.  He interacted with the therapist, playing a tickle game with her while hiding behind me.  And when she called "Nathan come here" so that he would return to his "work station", he ran in the opposite direction in true 2 year old fashion.  

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  1. I love that container game. What a clever way to explore the world. I don't think any of our kids thought of it that way. He sure would get a good idea for how his world fits (or doesn't) together. — Bill