Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our Christmas Card

As the Christmas cards start pouring in, I feel the need to let everyone know that we are not sending one out this year.  I don’t want anyone to feel like we are slighting them, because that is so not the case.  It’s a funny story….

About 6 weeks ago, John and I got the boys dressed in cute clothes and set out to take our own picture.  We usually have a photographer take our picture around the holidays but we are trying to save some money and this seemed a good place to cut.  Ha.  John and I put the boys in a chair in our living room and snapped no less than 200 pictures of the kids.  Nate was bribed with food, and Mr. Jack is in a phase where his smile looks like he is in pain- we are working on that J. 

In any case, after about an hour of this, we had had enough and figured we would have gotten at least a few pictures.  I uploaded them to the computer and started looking through.  Honestly?  Nada.  Seriously, out of 200, nothing.  Still I was not deterred.  We had one good picture of Nate and one good picture of Jack and I knew that heads can be swapped in this day and age.  I found some software online and after about 2 hours of fiddling, I got the job done.  I thought it looked great!  I uploaded it to Tiny Prints, it didn’t give me any “warnings” about poor picture quality, so I ordered the cards.

Fast forward 3 days- I got a call from a very nice customer service representative stating that the picture was blurry and would not look good if printed.  She wanted me to just “send another over.”  OK, I still feel kinda bad about this- I started laughing and just could not stop.  Like gulping snorting laughter.  I said, “I’m sorry, but that’s really just not an option.”  I explained to her what we went through in order to get this shot and she offered to refund our money immediately. 

Because of this, I do not feel even slightly bad about posting our proof here.  Consider this our Christmas card- we love you all and have a wonderful holiday!

The back is always our “reality” shot.  Jack- airplane- check, Nate- staring into space- check.

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