Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New Hope and Help For Maryland Autism Families

We have been blessed in many ways during our autism journey.  The friends that we have are genuine; the support that we feel is unconditional.  We are incredibly lucky.  A local family who is further along in their autism journey is taking their gratitude for this support to another level.  They have formed the Avergan foundation with the goals of advocating for autism awareness and providing financial support to families affected by autism through scholarships for services such as special needs educational programs, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  For a family who is still in the midst of their own journey to think so selflessly of others…..I find it incredibly admirable and inspiring.  So I wanted to share with my readers some more information about their foundation, and encourage all who are able to either attend the launch event or provide support in whatever way they can. 

Please see the information below—what a great idea, and a great way to connect with other autism families!

Our name tells this story... Avergan... it's a combination of our children's names.
While only one of our children was diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder.
the other was the reason we identified there was something special about our son.
The next chapter of our story begins on December 12th. Let's write it together.

We know that...
·         our son has come so far.
·         early intervention was the key.
·         we couldn't have done it without the county services we were provided.
·         the amazing teachers that worked with our son were our blessings.
·         we love our son, no matter the diagnosis.
·         we are the lucky ones.
·         we want to help others.
Find them on facebook:

Come to their Launch Party!  December 12th 7-10pm

Join us for the official launch party of Avergan Foundation! The event will be an evening of celebration and fundraising will all proceeds directly benefiting our scholarship programs for children on the autism spectrum disorders. Buy tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/avergan-foundation-launch-party-tickets-9058625593

Avergan Foundation was created by Allison and Tom Barnhill in order to promote awareness and acceptance for autism spectrum disorders and to provide hope to affected families. As parents with a child diagnosed with an ASD, we know how important early detection and intervention are to the success of a child with autism. We also know the financial and emotional burdens are overwhelming. Our goal is to provide scholarships to families who cannot afford to provide private educational services to their children, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education.

The launch party will be the first public fundraising event for the Avergan Foundation. We have an exciting evening planned with great music by Mixing Maryland, live music by Winship from The Audissey, a live and silent auction featuring items from many area businesses and amazing food, provided by Metropolitan. The highlight of the evening will be the premiere of a documentary short film, by Clickspark, that tells our story and shows the impact our foundation can have on children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.
Come out for a night of fun, food and festivities! Start your holiday season right with an evening of giving for a great cause!

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