Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Giddy Mommy

I am giddy today.  There is no huge reason, just a bunch of little ones.  Things like- every article of clothing I took to the consignment store on my lunch break was accepted except two.  Victory.  Jack got a report card and is progressing nicely- even on level for his grade in most areas.  My son is just so smart.  When I think of all of the challenges he faces with fixations on some things, lack of focus on others, sensory and fine motor issues, it hits me just how smart he must be.  If he can keep up with the other kids through all of that…..he’s just amazing.

Then I got to take him to swim, just the two of us tonight.  He was swimming laps beautifully, he let his instructor THROW him in the water, he jumped in several times on his own, dove for rings, and dove into the pool for the first time (with a little assistance).  These swim lessons are so wonderful for him- his self-confidence is just through the roof, and he never ever complains about going.  He loves it.

Then there’s Nate.  As always, I will qualify these developments with the statement “he is having a good week”.  His study doctor called just to check up on him this morning (no I am not kidding) and when I told her about this stuff she made sure to tell me that they could not “prove” that the Aricept is causing any of this.  I told her I was totally aware of that, and aware that he could lose these things tomorrow, but that today, I’m really really happy.  She said that is just the perfect way to go about this. 
So here is what we are seeing:
Bad:  sleep disturbances- he has been up from 1:30 to 4am for the past two nights- blech
He is majorly opinionated and fighting going to bed in his own bed every night- and yes this does too go in the good column- in our world anyway.
He regained “go”, “chip”, and a couple of other words in the past few days.
He has learned how to give kisses, to mommy only, but it is the cutest thing ever and he does it whenever I ask- what more could a mom want?

He started clapping his hands today for the first time in close to a year.

Bear with me, I edited this video- but right now it's still long- the end is worth it- promise!!
He is choosing his food- I hold out two items and he (with his pointer finger) shows me which one he wants.

That’s all in the last week.  Once again all I will say is- this is a good week.  Oh, and everyone- please pray, ok?

Then there is my husband- I was trying at dinner to get Nate to clap, and of course he wouldn’t.  I was afraid John was going to think I was making it up.  Instead, while Jack and I were at swim class, he sent a video of him working with Nate to get him to clap- and he did it!  John was so patient, and tenacious.  He is a good autism daddy.

Yay family!!!!!

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