Friday, 15 June 2012

Hit the Road....with Jack

We are taking the plunge....we are going to attempt "vacation" with the boys.  We are nuts.  We are morons.  We have been trapped in our house for almost 3 years.  So we are GOING.  Fear (and destitution) have kept us here and now we are going to be brave.  Mommy may even have to be extra brave and let Jack get a hermit crab (the hermit crab will have to be the bravest of all!!!).  I found what looks to be a family-friendly, quiet resort near Bethany Beach, we shouldn't have to drive anywhere, there are multiple pools (so if the kids have a meltdown at one, we have a back-up, lol).  It also has a 1/2 mile private beach, it's own shopping center with grocery store, golf courses, gym, etc.  So pretty self-contained.  The more stable we keep the environment, the better.  Both boys struggle so much with new situations.  For instance, the other day we went to pick up a trampoline I purchased on craig's list for the boys (the OT's have been recommending one forever), and we were having difficulty fitting it into the trunk.  So I put the back of the seat that is between the two carseats down to accomodate it.  You would have thought that I ripped the door off of Jack's side of the car.  Meltdown city.  My favorite part was the woman we bought the trampoline from going "what's wrong with him?"  Bite me!  So you know, a new bed, new living situation, new surroundings, complete change of daily routine is very anxiety provoking (for all of us at this point).  I have learned to go into these situations with zero expectations.  If we don't make it where we are planning to go, the world is not going to end.  I am a "planner" by nature, I have lists everywhere, so this has been a huge adjustment for me.  Go with the flow....let the boys dictate the it.  Bah!

Speaking of lists, you should see how many I have going right now.  Between Jack's diet, Nate's diet, their supplements, and Jack's objects of obsession that we can NOT leave behind, I have my hands full.  And that's before the regular packing.  All of that aside, I am really looking forward to getting away with our little family.  A change of scene may be rough on the boys at first, but mommy and daddy really need it.  Especially mommy- working out of the house sometimes makes me feel like a prisoner, I often don't leave for days.  Last time we took Nate to the beach, he couldn't walk yet.  So I am excited to see what he thinks of it.  I have a feeling he will love the feel of the sand, I have a feeling he will make a mad dash into the waves.  I have a feeling I will do a lot of running this week!  While John tries to coax Jack to the edge of the water.  Sooooo different these two are.  So wish us luck!  Really looking forward to some good quality family time!

Just want to comment that I am so glad that I am starting to hear from some "autism parents" out there!  Keep it coming, glad to be able to bounce ideas back and forth!

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