Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hippity Hoppity.....

I love Easter.  Spring is here!  Flu season is over! (yes it is woman- I'm talking to you!)  I love dressing the boys in matching outfits.  I love being the Easter bunny!  Jack is so much fun these days when it comes to holidays- the excitement, the wonder, the stuffed crabs in his Easter basket instead of bunnies.....hehe

I went to mass by myself this morning, as taking the boys right now is just really overwhelming.  A little too much for both of them, and if I'm being honest, me- Jack would do well if daddy and I could take him alone, but he really does need to be double teamed and that is just not possible if we have Nate too.  The boys woke up and "found" their Easter baskets- Jack was immediately bouncing off the walls, Nate wanted nothing to do with his, he just wanted his breakfast!  He doesn't grasp the whole "gift" thing.  He would rather happen upon a new toy in his travels and then just decide to pick it up and play with it.
Yes, the INSANE Easter bunny gave our son a harmonica!  What was he thinking?  Oh crap, that was me!  Well, in my defense the OT said it would be good for both boys in terms of oromotor development.  Our poor dog Riley is not buying what I'm selling and has been howling almost continuously since Jack discovered just how much fun it is to drive a dog stark raving mad.  So daddy got the boys dressed up and ready to go while I was at mass....time for pictures? of the most difficult everyday tasks when you have two little boys on the spectrum is getting a decent picture.  Eye contact---- it's rough.  Then, try to get both kids looking at you with pleasant expressions on their faces.....most of the time it's just not happening.  I have come to recognize that I can either drive myself nuts trying to get a good shot or I can take what I get and at least have the occasion documented.  I choose B!  And hey, sometimes we get lucky!

And then sometimes not!!!!!!

Happy Easter from our Family to yours, hahaha!!!!

We headed over to Grammy and Grandad's this afternoon for dinner and an egg hunt.  The boys had a great time....they got to see Aunt Kate, which for Jack especially is a real treat.  Poor Aunt Kate.....Jack is back to hermit crabs (with a vengeance) right now and he remembered from a conversation they had maybe 6 weeks ago that she once had a hermit crab named "Homey".  Well somehow, Homey has been resurrected and is apparently living with Aunt Kate in Pennsylvania (per Jack).  Kate tried to play along....and while I know she kinda knew what she was in for, it was, well it was freaking funny.  Jack ate asparagus because it's Homey's favorite.  Kate called home to check on Homey.  Jack wants to visit Homey (who would love to see Jack, although he frequently takes unforeseen trips to the beach and may not "be there" when Jack arrives).  The questions were rapid fire.....Kate took 'em like a champ.  My sister just touches me.  She is 23, pretty carefree, just getting started.  I looked over at her right hand today and saw a beautiful ring of interlocked puzzle pieces- one of the symbols for autism awareness.  She is always thinking of her nephews....this brings tears to my eyes even now.  She hid eggs all over my parents' front yard for the boys to find.  Jack had a GREAT time with it.  Nate had a great time too.....running as far and fast as he could and hunting for......sticks.  He doesn't get the concept of an egg hunt, but he DOES get the concept of mommy wanting him to stay nearby, and he chooses to do the opposite.  Luckily, my family was willing to take turns chasing him, otherwise mommy would be flat on her back right now.....

Thanks to mom, dad and Kate for making it a special day for the boys (and for me!).  Thanks to mom for making a gluten and casein free carrot cake for my birthday- it was delish!  And a special shout out to daddy for......mopping the floor today????  huh

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