Thursday, 18 December 2014


Hi my name is Jenny, and it's been over a month since my last blog (cue:  "hi Jenny")  I have no idea how to get you all caught up especially because the reason I am so very far behind is that we have been so super busy.  So, I am going to use some pictures and videos to do the job for me.  Here are the highlights:
Thanksgiving- all the cousins on my side of the family together at my parent's house, Baby Cole (my amazing godson) had his first Thanksgiving

Aunt Sarah got to meet baby Cole and none of us ever saw him again lol

Jack and cousin Graeme had a blast playing!

Then this happened:  our 10 yr anniversary hip hip hooray

along with these beautiful flowers from my awesome hubby

This, however, did not happen, because Nathan got his first fever in nearly a year the day before we were supposed to leave:

But it WILL happen, oh it will!  Our sanity depends on it!

Then this did happen, Nate's 5th birthday
baby Nate

we love Mickey this year!

We all looked at the same time!

And by far, most importantly, this happened!!!!

Today this happened- Nate's school holiday party

He did the motions with the rest of the class during a book his teacher read.  His mommy cried like a baby while the aide surreptitiously forked over the tissues.  Then he stole Chick Fil A nuggets with gluten in them from the food tray after mommy spent approximately $25 buying gluten free cupcakes for the class (since parents are no longer allowed to bake).  The end!