Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Autism Awareness And Assistance In Action- You Can Help- Here's How!

This weekend is a very special event for the local community around Severna Park/Annapolis, MD.  This weekend is an event that supports one of my favorite places on earth and I am super passionate about making sure the word is spread and that as many people attend as possible.  This weekend is the Cisco Center Family Fun Day- it is Saturday Oct 18th from 11-3.  It is going to be a blast.  But more importantly, it is going to raise money for the center.  Which is always greatly needed.  Why?  Because this is an amazingly generous group of people who do everything in their power to make sure they are able to provide services to special needs families, even special needs families with financial difficulties.  Frankly, this encompasses most of the special needs community.  As state funding is decreased for autism families (we STILL have not heard from LISS), services are getting further out of reach for children who desperately need them.   That’s where our community needs to step in- and it’s super easy!  Just come to Family Fun Day and have fun!

There have been weeks that our family has had to postpone payment- Cisco Center does everything they can to accommodate us.  And I know that many other families are in similar boats.  This has to hurt the center, but they put the families first.  Always.  There are times when I find myself in tears wondering where our next payment will come from- their response?   Nathan always has a spot with us.  I can’t even begin to describe how reassuring these statements are.  My children are everything to me, and my main goal in life is providing them with everything they need to thrive. This center, especially for Nathan, is a necessity.
I posted last Christmas about the effort the staff of Cisco Center make to give our children awesome experiences, and why their program, above others, is so special.  Please read:
You can also check out their site:

So basically, I am begging- if you are local, come out this weekend.  The support is greatly needed, and the recipients, so very deserving. 
Here are some of the fun events for kiddos:

Face painting
Ghost bowling
Punkin chunkin
Ice cream bar
Obstacle Course (sensory friendly- provided by Children at Play)
Bounce House
Live Music!- The Matt Kuhn Group & Harbor City Music Company Quartet

There will also be vendor’s there- some offering autism support services, and some for some good old shopping:

Stella and Dot
Turning Point ABA services
Usbourne Books
99 Stitches (custom made weighted blankets)
It Works!
Children at Play OT services- Samantha Offutt
Avergan Foundation
Kinera Foundation
Dance Academy
PATH Intl. Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor Maryland Therapeutic Riding, Inc
And others!

There is definitely something for everyone.   Help Cisco Center continue to help families like mine!  Oh, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Thank you and I really hope to see you there!

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