Monday, 24 March 2014

My "Dirty" Little Secret

Warning, this post is NOT about autism

For all of the other closet smokers out there.....

I quit I quit I quit!!!
quit quit quit quit quit!!!

I even used an app, not that it made it any easier, but here are my stats:
I quit smoking 2 months 23 days 20 hours ago. I did not smoke 828 cigarettes and saved $322.10.
I was a "college" smoker, that turned into a twenties smoker, who quit after I got married.  Two years ago, life SUCKED.  I was in one of the worst places ever in my life, and I picked up an old bad, comforting habit.  Luckily, I eventually became disgusted with myself.  Because, for the first year and a half I kept running through this- hey, don't judge.  At least I was exercising, right?  Anyway, then I hurt my back, and had to take a break.  And I couldn't get going again, because, well, I couldn't breathe. 

So....I quit!  I really don't get tired of saying it, sorry.  But of course I immediately gained 10 lbs.  Like in two weeks.  It was really disheartening.  Sooo....I started the 17 day diet- I am on phase two, and lost all of those 10 lbs.

And I started running again.  I am on week 5 day 3 of a 10 K training program.  And I can breathe.   

OK, I'm done


  1. I calculated from your stats that one pack of cigarettes costs about $8 in the US. Here it's about $1. If we had here US price, I would have to spend all my pension only to buy cigarettes for me and my wife, and then I would certainly have to quit, too, or to grow tobacco on our vegetable garden (which we haven't tried yet to do).
    Do you use nicotine patches or gums? I find that nicotine gum is really dangerous because overdose can easily happen, resulting in, at least, headache, and in worst things in worst case– I'm not quite sure but maybe it may be stroke or heart attack or even death. Therefore, nicotine patch is much better way of taking nicotine, in my humble opinion.

  2. Two in one, do you know the origin of your town's name? The similar russian word сéверный [séveRNIj] means 'northern'.

  3. Congratulations! That is an awesome success. You should be very proud of yourself and list it among the great things in your life that are entirely yours!